"Vinny is one of the most passionate coaches in the country because he truly loves this sport. He spends his life involved and studying wrestling and has plenty of knowledge and experience to provide athletes. The best trait of Vinny is his ability to connect and interact with kids our age and at the same time be a great role model for us"

-Hayden Hidlay, Fargo Champ, 2016 PIAA State Champ, PIAA State Medalist, Dapper Dan MOW & Currently Wrestling at NC State

"I first met Vinny when I was attending a summer wrestling camp when I was in High School. After only a few days of knowing him we had become very good friends and I could already tell that he was infatuated with the sport of wrestling. He will do anything that it takes to help someone who has serious goals about wrestling and has the want to get better. I have not only witnessed him at many wrestling camps stay after a session and work with kids on certain techniques, but I was also one of those people that he stayed after sessions with to work on things and get better. At one camp that the two of us were working at I had gotten food poisoning. Vinny checked on me through out the day when he could and also took me to the hospital to get help that night. From that point on I realized how he was not only an amazing friend, but a very special person who would set their own time aside and make time to help others."

-Seth Lansberry, 2013 PIAA State Finalist​ & 2X NCAA D3 All American Wrestler at Lycoming

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Vincent Barber for many years and in that time I have watched him teach and coach wrestling hundreds of times.
Vinny knows the sport in great detail and he is passionate in transferring this knowledge to his students. Vinny does an excellent job helping wrestlers of all ages and skill levels make gains and I highly recommend training with him."

-Ian Assael, Bison Legend Wrestling Club Head Coach

"I met Vinny at a Fargo Camp over the summer and have been working with him ever since.  He is a great coach and I love how he can connect with each kid differently and know what's best for them. His energy on the mat always helps me work harder and push myself to be the best I can be. He has been a great friend off the mat when he wasn't coaching me. He's also been a great mentor and has helped guide me and connect me with many college coaches. I wouldn't know what to do without him and I am blessed he is willing to help me out so much."

-Nathan Rankin, 2X TX State Placer, 5X Fargo All American, NHSCA All American, University Of The Ozarks Commit

"I first started working with Vinny at a summer camp my freshman year. He taught me a lot of things on the mat and in the weight room. He gave me my first written strength program! He has been a mentor to me ever since. He is someone I can go to for questions in life and wrestling."

-Steve Zettel, Idaho State Champion & 4X Place Winner

Barber Wrestling

"I started working with Vinny 3 years ago. I was very small and very mentally weak. I had just taken 5th at the HS state tournaments. A month after working with him I beat a kid who had beat me nine times previously. I continued to work with Vinny and he coached me to my first Freestyle state title. Nine months later I won my first HS state championship. Vinny has changed my wrestling because he has really helped develop a style for me and shown me specific moves which work for me. I would have never been able to reach my goals without him coaching me."

​-Riley Jacops, 2015 TX State Champion, 2X Finalist & 4X Placer, Columbia Commit

"Vinny is a great coach. He was my counselor at a camp a few years ago and he was awesome. He is very knowledgable with his technique and has helped me learn a lot on and off the mat!"

-Nolan Laux, 2X NE State Champion, 4X Place Winner & Currently wrestling at Hastings College, NAIA National Qualifier

"Working To Take Wrestlers To Their Highest Potential"

"The great Bobby Knight once said, "The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important." Vinny Barber is willing to do that. I remember preparing for Fargo, I was wrestling Greco and I didn't have much experience. Coach Barber trained me to stay in good position and that Greco is not just all about throws. I ended up placing fourth that year. Coach Barber had the will to prepare me to win. He is the type of guy that will do anything to help you be successful. You won't find a more dedicated or hard working coach as him. His wrestling knowledge is top notch. He is the type of coach that is able to adjust to a wrestlers style. He is able to look at wrestling from a different point of view than many others. Off the mat, Vinny is a loving and caring person, if you see him, more than likely he will have a smile on his face. But don't be mistaken because when it comes time for wrestling he is as serious as they come. Your child will see coach Barber as a father figure if they work with him. He will teach them how to be a champion on and off the mat. As a parent you will find coach Barber to be a close friend of yours. I guarantee you working with Coach Vinny will be one of the best choices you will ever make. I can honestly say that myself!"

-Doyle Trout, 4X NE State Champion, Fargo All-American and Current NCAA D1 Wyoming Cowboy